Self-Driving Cars Could Solve Traffic Within The Next Generation

Audi Driverless cars

For years, people have been trying to come up with solutions to eliminate traffic the world over. Yet, the jams continue. Now CGP Grey, a YouTube video producer claims to have a solution. His suggestion is that the traffic problems exist because of driver reaction times. As each driver moves, so their reaction time can delay when the next person gets to go, and as a result you get gridlock in towns and slowdowns on the highways, even once a distraction or obstruction is gone.

Watch the YouTube Video Here

The solution, according to Grey, is self-driving cars, which can eliminate reaction time problems and eventually communicate with other cars and infrastructure, possibly even removing the need for traffic signals.

It’s a Good Point, But Will It Work?

Grey makes several really good points that other groups seem to support. In fact, various studies have found that the way in which drivers react in traffic can cause and exacerbate flow issues. Self-driving cars, though, have advanced communication abilities which means they have the potential to open up new possibilities for the management of traffic, something MIT is already working on. However, all of these possible solutions still have some way to go in alleviating congestion.

Certainly, self-driving vehicles have come a very long way, but they are still not ready to replace human drivers. At the moment, there aren’t any vehicles available that can be operated in a semi-autonomous mode without the help of an alert operator behind the wheel just in case anything goes wrong. Even cars from Infiniti or Mercedes that have semi-auto capabilities won’t operate for very long in those modes with no hands on the wheel. What’s more, the most advanced self-driving technology developer, Tesla, has certainly seen its fair share of autopilot crashes.

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Vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle technologies are vital for the autonomous plan to work, but they have yet to reach the market. In fact, Audi only recently announced limited vehicle-to-infrastructure technology in just two of its models. The technology, to date, is further hampered by a lack of standards to ensure that vehicles and infrastructure can communicate. Without such standards, it is near impossible to have the signal-less world that Grey envisions.

But, It Can Happen Down the Line

Well the traffic jam-free and autonomous world that Grey imagines is well into the future, but he does touch on a few important things that could help alleviate congestion now. For instance, maintaining a good distance between vehicles and remaining alert is good advice for humans. They are methods that can help reduce traffic snarls and make driving safer.

There are already a couple of simpler technology solutions to help reduce traffic. Traffic lights with sensors, for example, can recognise large jams of cars and alert nearby signals which in turn helps speed up traffic. This solution requires much simpler communication on the infrastructure side only, making it far easier to implement right now.

But, we live in hope that one day we will see the death of the traffic jam. For now, we will settle for small improvements.

Why You Should Hire a Hummer Limousine in Australia


We have all seen a Hummer limousine driving down the street and wondered what celebrity is in there and where they are going. Since they are so stylish, people assume they are expensive, but hiring a Hummer limousine in Australia is actually very affordable and has many other fabulous advantages as well. You do not have to be a famous, rich celebrity to hire one.

They’re affordable. Not only are they affordable, but they come with so many features that you are actually getting a lot more for your money. With plenty of room, comfortable seating, and amenities such as a refrigerator, glasses, and even a TV, you will have everything you need at an affordable price. Since they can fit a lot of people, some up to two dozen, splitting the cost between so many people is the best way to go, so that all your friends can come and enjoy the party.

They’re safe. When you are out and about with friends celebrating, the last thing you want to worry about is getting into an accident. Extensive crash tests show that Hummer limousines are extremely safe in the event of an accident. Better yet, they have features that proactively help to prevent an accident in the first place. They are high off the ground like SUVs, which already makes them safer than the average car. Hummer limos have other safety features that help them to stay in control during difficult driving situations, such as inclement weather. You will feel confident that you are in a safe vehicle so you can enjoy your time with friends.

They’re comfortable. You will barely feel as though you are traveling since Hummer limousines are so comfortable. They are roomy, so no matter how many people you are taking with you, you will all be relaxed during your ride. Not only is there tons of room, but there is also fine seating that will make you want to stay all night.

They’re fun. No matter what occasion you are celebrating, you and your guests will have fun. You and your friends can enjoy delicious beverages in beautiful glasses that are provided, and even store your leftover drinks in the refrigerator for the ride home. You will be able to enjoy your favorite music since Hummers have great sound systems for the ultimate party. Some models even have a TV for your viewing pleasure.

They’re versatile. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, prom, or any other celebration, a Hummer limousine can be used for any occasion. Drivers can take you anywhere you want to explore in Australia. If you want to celebrate a milestone birthday by going out with the girls to a winery or out with the guys to a brewery, you will be riding in style.

Hire a Hummer limousine in Australia for your next celebration. You will love your time relaxing and having fun with your friends. Hummer limousines are safe, affordable, and equipped for fun. It will be a day you will never forget.

A Hen Party Like No Other – In a Party Bus

“You have to pick your bridesmaids wisely!” A friend of mine and so to be bride was told this advice by a wedding planner. Why? Because they will have important roles in the run up to your wedding. When you need some style advice, a dress theme and colour, or wedding venue, go ask one of your bridesmaids. But probably the most important role your bridesmaids will do is plan your second most momentous event: your hen do. Leave it to the bridesmaids to give you the best one ever!

Planning a hens party with a Party Bus

And I was part of the planning team

The one thing our future bride loved to do was go on nightclubs and so naturally, our hen party theme was clubbing the night away before she gets married. Hey! She may not have the luxury to go out with friends so give her a nightclub tour so she’ll be fully stocked for many years.

The first thing we did was to scout some party bus hire and also check out some quality Hummer Limousines. And sure enough we had a few choices. The one party bus we got had everything we needed! It was a hen party on wheels and we loved it!

The party bus hire picked everyone up and took us from one nightclub to another and we didn’t have to worry about our next stop. We went to 4 nightclubs that night and the future bride took it all in!

There were ten bridesmaids and a dozen other female wedding guests – that’s a total of 23 club-hopping women all ready to paint the town pastel baby blue!

What was inside

This party bus came with surprising luxuries you see from the moment you hop on. And so before arriving at our first night club, we already started the disco dancing. There was a dance floor in the middle of the bus with LED and strobe lights! There was the ever-present disco balls in the corners and the sound system was impeccable.

And so we arrived at our first night club. And when we got there, we had VIP passes that we didn’t need to line up. Inside, our food and drinks were discounted all because of the perks of getting a party bus hire.

On to the next night club

So we all got back to the bus where a karaoke machine was turned on with a giant LCD screen blaring out the bride’s favourite songs!

Nightclub No. 2 gave us the same treatment and we stayed and left hurriedly because we wanted our bride friend to see the next surprise: a pole dance instructor right in the middle of the bus ready to teach us! It was hilarious!

On to nightclub 3 and 4 and back to our glorious party bus hire. No one wanted to go home but it was well past 2 am and everybody needed to rest.

A hen party comes once in a woman’s life. And we made it the best one ever. Our beautiful bride-to-be never took off her smile the whole night! She was so happy and grateful. And us, bridesmaids? Well, we gave each other a pat on our backs. Mission accomplished!

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