A Hen Party Like No Other – In a Party Bus


“You have to pick your bridesmaids wisely!” A friend of mine and so to be bride was told this advice by a wedding planner. Why? Because they will have important roles in the run up to your wedding. When you need some style advice, a dress theme and colour, or wedding venue, go ask one of your bridesmaids. But probably the most important role your bridesmaids will do is plan your second most momentous event: your hen do. Leave it to the bridesmaids to give you the best one ever!

Planning a hens party with a Party Bus

And I was part of the planning team

The one thing our future bride loved to do was go on nightclubs and so naturally, our hen party theme was clubbing the night away before she gets married. Hey! She may not have the luxury to go out with friends so give her a nightclub tour so she’ll be fully stocked for many years.

The first thing we did was to scout some party bus hire and also check out some quality Hummer Limousines. And sure enough we had a few choices. The one party bus we got had everything we needed! It was a hen party on wheels and we loved it!

The party bus hire picked everyone up and took us from one nightclub to another and we didn’t have to worry about our next stop. We went to 4 nightclubs that night and the future bride took it all in!

There were ten bridesmaids and a dozen other female wedding guests – that’s a total of 23 club-hopping women all ready to paint the town pastel baby blue!

What was inside

This party bus came with surprising luxuries you see from the moment you hop on. And so before arriving at our first night club, we already started the disco dancing. There was a dance floor in the middle of the bus with LED and strobe lights! There was the ever-present disco balls in the corners and the sound system was impeccable.

And so we arrived at our first night club. And when we got there, we had VIP passes that we didn’t need to line up. Inside, our food and drinks were discounted all because of the perks of getting a party bus hire.

On to the next night club

So we all got back to the bus where a karaoke machine was turned on with a giant LCD screen blaring out the bride’s favourite songs!

Nightclub No. 2 gave us the same treatment and we stayed and left hurriedly because we wanted our bride friend to see the next surprise: a pole dance instructor right in the middle of the bus ready to teach us! It was hilarious!

On to nightclub 3 and 4 and back to our glorious party bus hire. No one wanted to go home but it was well past 2 am and everybody needed to rest.

A hen party comes once in a woman’s life. And we made it the best one ever. Our beautiful bride-to-be never took off her smile the whole night! She was so happy and grateful. And us, bridesmaids? Well, we gave each other a pat on our backs. Mission accomplished!

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